The New Boracay: My First Sponsored Trip

Believe in me? Sponsored-ship assistance? If you’re lucky to have a truly dedicated sponsor that has good morals and a pure set of values that incorporate you coming to his establishment, and sample The New Boracay Hidden Treasures. It’s really nice to find someone with integrity and a generosity to make all this happen. IfContinue reading “The New Boracay: My First Sponsored Trip”

2019| Three Outstanding Island I Visited This Year

How I do I come up with these three island as my most favorite islands at this time. I paused and pondered on this topic. I rattled my synopsis paths and then I had my epiphany. As all these amazingly cool adventures exploded into my mind and I was struggling to write them down inContinue reading “2019| Three Outstanding Island I Visited This Year”


I’d like to thank all of my mentors which are bloggers. For inspiring me to explore Western Visayas. This is where my curiosity led me to an invitation to follow up on my dreams and passions, = sea, islands, beaches, culture, photography and many other things which brings a smile to my dial. Happily sponsoredContinue reading “WESTERN VISAYAS: MY SIX DAY SOJOURN”