My delightful days while working started when I shift my career from BPO to ESL industries. Personally if I don’t like the environment or no longer happy I have these thoughts in transferring to another company. But staying where I am now made me realized a lot of things.

  • Practicing your profession will give your job a meaningful purpose.
  • Teaching and learning at the same time.
  • You’ll realize the importance of your profession once you’re in the field of practicing it to develop your career path.
  • Understanding the differences of our culture from my foreign students.
  • Be able to meet different levels of learner.
  • To understand that learning another language is as difficult from A-Z especially if you’re not ready to learn it.
  • Reality vs Expectations, so don’t judge the book by its cover.
  • First impression last? Or never last?
  • Don’t get attach from your student like never. Instead just be friendly.
  • Read a lot and watch a lot of videos to improve your English skills.
Meet Kaoru-San, my first student.  She’s into travel and diving.

Now I’ve just had my anniversary as an ESL Teacher and decided to write something about my journey as an ESL Teacher. Never thought that being an ESL Teacher would change  my views and capacity as I’ve been using the language from my previous company.

Once you’ll be train everything you’ve learned from your elementary and high school years even from your University years will fade away. Some will stay probably but a lot of things will change your mind.

If only I had followed my passion, I would have enjoy my job. Because I was too focus on having a constant income in the past few years. I’ve kept in my mind that a job is a job regardless if you love what you’re doing or not. It’s reality that every one of us work to survive and buy our necessities for living aside from having our wants sometimes.

But having a job that you love what you’re doing is really rewarding.

My first city tour experience with my students.

Before my student’s graduation she insisted that we should go together roaming around the city. Of course as a teacher I have second thoughts in saying “yes” though I really like to come with them. I’m new to this field so I’m not really sure what would be the outcome if someone caught me together with my students. As teachers in my school were warned not go with students because we’re teachers not a tour guide. However; my students persistence was really great at that time. I was convinced to come with them guaranteed that they need to travel in a local way “me promoting our culture.”

The weather’s with us since it was a sunny morning. Touchdown, Fort San Pedro our first destination.

My student’s Itinerary :

  • Walk around @the oldest street in the country “Colon street”.
  • Visit “Magellan’s cross and Sto. Nino Church”.
  • Look for A class running shoes and visit some shopping malls around colon/manalili.
  • Go to SM Seaside, have dinner and relax.

Note: I added some interested places on my student’s list. We head first @Fort San Pedro before we walk around Magellan’s cross & Sto. Nino church then followed the next places.

We we’re able to visit local shopping malls in the city like Emall & Gaisano Metro ColonI’ve learned from my student that in Japan if your with a group of friend inside the shopping mall. It’s very common that you’ll have to separate ways in order to find the things you wanted to buy. And the group will decided what time you’ll meet again and which place.  Learning something  from their culture made me realize how practical their views are. Since we “Filipinos” even though we wanted to be separated from our friends sometimes inside the mall. We’re used to be with our friends no matter where they’ll go.

For the means of transportation we ride the following going to the city.

  • Maribago to Parkmall via @jeepney (multicab) for P16 each.
  • Parkmall to Colon via @jeepney (#01K) for P10. Take note that there are particular coding for jeepney’s depending on its route.
  • Drop by @Cebu Technological University (Main campus) my Alma mater and start walking going to Fort San Pedro.
  • We took a taxi going to SM Seaside because it was already late in the afternoon after roaming around colon and manalili.

==========================SM SEASIDE===================


After a long walk we deserve to relax. Had our first stop inside SM Seaside mall @Coffee Bay.  My student was particularly looking for a specific shop that has the sweets that she’s looking for but I’m confused on her descriptions at that time.

We had our stop @Pitstop for a light dinner. I wanted to introduce something different and unique to my students since the restaurant’s ambiance was different and they offer varieties of food that has mangoes on it.


We had mango pizza as starter and later on we had some pasta and chicken. Pitstop’s reviews online were not that excellent though you can really give it a try since the ambiance and food has a different combination. In total my student gave it 4 stars since they like the ambiance, the mango pizza and for them its reasonable price. Though the smell of the restaurant was really new few touches will improve the place. The location as well was great because they’re on top with its city view. Only that during the night and weekends its very crowded because most people were staying on top and lot’s of kids are playing in the water park. 


Had our like family picture, good thing about us “Filipinos” were very enthusiastic if someone will ask us for taking pictures.


After dinner we deserved another group picture. 


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