Mt. Talinis: Negros Island’s Last Frontier

Conquering my first ever major climb: Mt. Talinis

  • Level of difficulties from Mt. Nakulon at about (1,900 msl) first summit we conquer. To Mt. Talinis at about (1,700 msl) 2nd and the main peak.
  • Reaching the summit of Mt. Nakulon. Overviewing lake Nailig with perfect clearing that lasts for more than 30 minutes.
  • Reaching Mt. Talinis with perfect weather though we were not able to have an amazing clearing on top.
  • Awesome companions accompanied by a great guide and a porter for our 3 days and 2 nights food supplies etc.
  • Awesome campsite @lake Nailig on our first night. Second-night @lake Yagumyom.
  • Learning new passion and skills that I would love to continue.
  • My last night was pretty awesome had some fun with our guide. I can really say that he’s the best guide ever. His sense of humor is superb! Even our Swiss companion had fun sharing Tanduay rum that night.
  • Had my hangover on our second day. Funny how everyone teased me when I puke a lot early in the morning. I really can’t recall when was the last I drunk Tanduay lol!
1st campsite @Lake Nailig. Preparing our breakfast before climbing Mt. Nakulon for our first summit to conquer. 

I know most of the climbers were familiar of Mt. Talinis but I did some research to share some information to everyone. It’s a bit confusing since some who did their climb claimed that the mountain viewing lake Nailig was the summit of Mt. Talinis. However; they’ve got the different information probably by their guide. We’ve learned that it was not Mt. Talinis but rather Mt. Nakulon or also know as one nine (1900 msl). And Mt. Talinis was known by the guide as one seven (1700 msl). If you notice Mt. Nakulon is higher compare Mt. Talinis. Then everytime you search online Mt. Nakulon’s existence  was never known. I really hope that the officials will conduct their research once again to determine which mountain in Cuernos de Negros is the highest.  

Cuernos De Negros

Mount Talinis (also known as the Cuernos de Negros), located southwest of Valencia, is the second highest volcanic mountain in Negros. Mount Talinis, also known as the Cuernos de Negros (Horns of Negros), is a complex volcano in the Philippine province of Negros Oriental. At about 1,903 meters (6,243 ft)[1][3] above sea level, it is the second highest mountain on Negros Island after Mount Kanlaon. The volcano is located 9 km (5.6 mi) southwest of the municipality of Valencia; and 20 km (12 mi) from Dumaguete City, the capital of the province.


Cuernos de Negros is classified by the Philippine Institute of Volcanology and Seismology as a potentially active volcano forming part of the Negros Volcanic Belt. Andesite and basalt are the most abundant rocks found on the mountain. With a base diameter of 36 kilometers (22 mi), the volcanic complex is composed of several volcanic cones and peaks, the most prominent of which are Talinis, Cuernos de Negros, Guinsayawan, Yagumyum Peak and Guintabon Dome.[4] The mountain range is very fumarolic with several solfataras and steam vents located on its slope that are harnessed to generate electricity, the Southern Negros Geothermal Production Field in Palinpinon generates 192.5 MW.

Please click this link/source for more information.


#TeamWeekendClimbers my companions were pretty awesome. We had our team post before leaving our first campsite @lake Nailig. We’re all set now to Mt. Talinis. Hiking to Mt. Talinis has different trail depending on the difficulties. As for our organizer “Ej” we change our trail since lot’s of the supposed joiners quit and only six people push through. We chose one of the challenging trails. Apolong to lake Nailig to lake Yagumyom. Traverse Mt. Talinis. Two summits in three days and two nights. If you ask my companion about the difficulty level of the trail they will just answer you with (curse words like “shit” godamn” etc. in English). I’ve never thought or imagine that my first major climb would be this tough and exciting at the same time.

Hiking Mount Talinis

Mt. Talinis is easily climbed via nature trails that start in Bidjao, Dauin and Apolong, Valencia.[10][11]Several crater lakes exits: Lake Yagumyum is between Yagumyum Peak and the main peak of Cuernos de Negros; Lake Nailig and Lake Mabilog are crater lakes near the summit. Lake Nailig serves as the main camping ground, with the peak accessible by a 30-minute trek, the summit is heavily forested and mostly covered with fog.[12] The Kaipohan sulfur vents, an area of dead trees and bleached rocks, can be found on the trail to Apolong, Valencia. Source:

@Lake Nailig, perfect clearing early in the morning. 

Reaching the summit of Mt. Nakulon (est 1900 msl). Perfect clearing comes to those who wait. 

#salomonph before we start our trail to our second destination we took this opportunity to leave the traces and great moments @ lake Nailig.

You’ll probably leave all your worries, scars, deep thoughts once you’re in this activity. My thoughts are floating somewhere and aiming at how I will survive carrying my heavy backpack. Maintain my composture to with some slippery trails, assaults, challenging ways covered with grass, falling trees, and muddy way.

The funny thing caught that our attention on our way to our second campsite to climb Mt. Talinis was this penis shape made by the guide. My companions had fun on me and they want me to pose as I hold this thing lol!
#creditstoDUCS one of my companion, she was able to take a photo @lake yagumgum before we had our trail up to Mt. Talinis.
#creditstoDUCS their morning coffee @lake Yagumyum. So bad I had my hangover in the morning because I get drunk last night lol! Awesome view dude!
Halfway to Mt. Talinis, so blessed to witness the beauty of wilderness on our way up to Mt. Talinis. We had our stop viewing the peak and I can’t wait to reach the summit of Mt. Talinis.   

Who would’ve thought I’d be able to reach the summit of Mt. Talinis. So blessed to meet these awesome people especially “EJ” our admin.

On top of Mt. Talinis, took a groupie while waiting for clearing. 
The grotto on top of Mt.Talinis. Together with me was @jamietarongoy. This will be your proof that you’ve reached Mt.Talinis. Credits to #NegrosMantiners for this photo, one of our companion. 
Blurry shot taken halfway our trail going home sweety home. But wait, there’s more. Twin falls and sulfur vent here we go.

Unbelievable sulfur vent on our way to the ranch where we will leave our things and we’ll take a dip @Twin falls. Credits to Jamie(my companion) and Demster our guide for these great photos.

Found this boiling part of the sulfur vent and had the chance to wash my hands. At first, you will really think its a hot but it is freaking cold once you soak your hands in it. We didn’t stay much longer because the smell of the surrounding was no good. You can check out my IG @emi_makino for my short video soaking my hands in this boiling sulfur water.

==================TWIN FALLS=============================================

And finally our last destination, the twin falls. We had our stop at the ranch first to put our stuff and head out to twin falls for only 30 minutes. We need to set our time because we might end up in the dark while we’re on our way to the exit.

Credits to my companions @jamietarongoy for these awesome photos.

Trivia: I’m the last person together with one of the guide (Demster) who went out from the jump off. Because I slipped real bad. I’d really thought I’d broke my legs because my bag’s a bit heavy. Thank goodness Demster carried my backpack for 30 minutes.

And special thanks to our master Cris, head guide. I really had fun on my last night camp. During our jamming session with Tanduay rum lol. They even hand me a glass of red horse when I finally came out from the jump off lol!

With master Cris our head guide. He’s the most in demand guide for Mt. Talinis. You can really rely on him and his sense of humor was superb. 

====================SUCCESSFUL 1st MAJOR CLIMB=============================

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