Mt. Pangasugan: A Climb Of A Lifetime Journey

Try to imagine in your own mind’s eye what its like to go hiking, climbing and adventuring and the feelings that go with success. I personally feel the challenges of exploring and seeing the nature and beauty as I partake in this adventure. The group’s enthusiasm to climb trans locates to my mind and I feel even more inspired.

At The Nursery Station

As the Outlander group starts their journey, our team leader and the group provided appropriate documentation to go on this expedition. Such as environmental fees, etc. The jump off is at the Nursery located in Brgy. Kilim, Sitio Senda, Baybay City, Leyte. We hire a motorcyle that perfectly fit the group going to Brgy Kilim. From the highway of Brgy Kilim, we then take a motorcyle that can take us to the Nursery station for registration and short meeting before we start our journey.

My apologies for the quality of our group photo before we start our journey to Mt. Pangasugan.

How To Get There:

  • From Cebu- Took MV Lapu-Lapu 20:00 PM (Pier 3) – 2:00 AM Baybay Leyte, Port
  • Took a motorcyle that can take the group to Brgy Kilim.
  • From the main road of Brgy Kilim, take a motorcycle for only 30php each going to Sitio Senda, Nursery station.
  • Meet the Brgy Captain, assign guide, porter is a must if your in a group. Registration, signing of waiver then short briefing.
  • From Ormoc City Port- Took MV Light Shipping 21:00 PM- Cebu 4:00 (Pier 1)
What an awe! Spectacular view ahead!

Contact Person

  • Rhyan Baldicana: Official Guide- 09753882919
  • Noy Boy Calatrava, President of Farmer’s Organization- 09753882919
  • Additional Guide: Sir Filbert- 09651844446

Total Expenses

Mt Pangasugan Association official fees and guide fees:

  • Guide fee: 500 php/ day Porter fee: 500 php/ day Minimum of 15 kgs. and maximum of 20 kgs.
  • Entrance fee: 50 php each
  • Environment: 50 php each

Our Personal Expenses:

  • Event Fee: 3000 php: including, Fare, Guide, Environmental Fees, meals for 2 nights and 2 days.
  • Event shirt (optional, depends on your group) 300php
  • Additional expenses 150 php each, for porter and dinner at Ormoc city.
English/Tagalog version will hopefully be available soon.

Using The River As A Highway

You will have challenges such as big boulders and other obstacles. As the group proceeds up the river you need to have your smarts about you. There are lot’s of treacherous terrain because of lose rocks. These faults in the rocks happen because of the fault line travels directly these mountain and it causes seismic activity. Which causes the terrain to be difficult and unpredictable. I had an accident personally so I can speak from first hand knowledge, please be careful! Just like a modern highway there are rest stops set aside with some very nice amenities, such as a small bungalow and an altar to the virgin Mary. This is one of my favorite stops, there is a beautiful deep water cove which is sheltered and it reminds me of a cave entrance. The climate ranges is between 18-24 and the lighting is spectacular for taking photography.

The big trap! This fluvial river trail will test your will to pursue Mt. Pangasugan’s journey.
We dare you to move.
The first rest stop. Don’t forget to bring a candle to light at the Virgin Mary’s altar inside.
It’s still a big trap! When we thought we no longer encounter a river part going to the campsite. Going up and down like a never ending roller coaster ride.
Last water source before scaling up the two level plateaus going to the main campsite.

Scaling A Very Rocky And Treacherous Terrain

I find it difficult to talk about and explain how tough it is to climb Mt. Pangasugan, because there are so many factors including these  difficulties such as, river, boulders and loose shale, mountain forest , trail and campsites. No tent required bring a hammock because you will not have the real estate to pitch a tent. On the level one plateau you will do a lot of rappelling and abseiling for approximately two to three hours. This is not an establish trail! You will require a good mountaineer pioneer skills to achieve this. I would suggest that you will work on your physical fitness, strength as well as on your agility in this upcoming endeavors.

No trail? No worries, our guide is skilled enough to think ahead how we can reach the top.
Team sweeper, take five at the half point of the trail.

Level Two Plateau : Final Part Going To The Campsite

I discovered that I was intimidated by the beauty of the terrain considering the altitude and necessary climbing behaviors that are required to keep you safe. The trail has unpredictable footing. It’s advise to have a trusted companion nearby just in case you require assistance, and having a good team leader is required, for your own safety. There is a blend of a difficult terrain from the very beginning all the way to the campsite.

Behold, because you need to look something to hold to survive scaling the second level of this plateau.

The Campsite

The first floor is for the guides and the porter + a hammock. The most important part is the kitchen. This is where you cook and ingest all your kilo-joules (calories) which you will burn and use on your upcoming adventures. Please use standard courtesy to keep this location clean and better condition then when you first arrive, such as taking away all your plastics etc. It’s a traditional common courtesy and much appreciated from all levels of e.g hikers, campers etc. At the end of all this now will catch the elevator to floor 2, unfortunately there is no lady wears on this level but you will find sleeping accommodate with four hammocks and in the laundry area unfortunately the electric dryers are not working and we adopted by using a rope where we hang our laundry on a hanging rope. The honeymoon suite is lovely and it has a perfect accommodation an amazing tent for privacy. At this point of time its time for the three ladies to retire to the viewing platforms as well as they’re sleeping accommodation. They will enjoy three comfortable hammock and have the opportunity to listen to a fresh bubbling stream nearby. Not far from here you will find the toilets for your ablutions. Also please be aware of native animals in the area.

Our lovely home for two nights.
Water source is not an issue in the campsite because it’s on the left side of the campsite. The only climb, where I end up having a good sleep for two nights because I feel clean and refresh from the stream nearby.
Strong and bold Outlander leaving Mt. Pangasugan.

The Chronicles of Nosferatu on the Summit

You will discover an amazing photogenic location in the river. There are fallen trees that you will use to navigate the terrain from specific area so you can advance your climb further up to the summit. As you travel further onto your climbing you will discover leeches within the soil and the forest. This is the perfect time to check your companions on a regular basis for these dastardly blood sucking freaks. These Nosferatu are easily destroy and dispose of by using salt or a cigarette lighter. No wooden stake are required to destroy and vanquish these vampires. When you reach the summit you will the opportunity to stand upon a dead tree and take some photo of several amazing vistas. Ridges, ocean, sea of clouds, fauna and flora. At this time I had the fresh ozone smell in my sinuses which I will never forget when I am looking my photos all these sense will comeback.

The group’s fave spot the big fallen tree that will help you reach the other side.
Team Outlanders
Reaching the North Summit of Mt. Pangasugan, facing the spectacular view of South Peak.
Only in Pangasugan, like no other.
Group’s official photo reaching the North Summit of Mt. Pangasugan.

Outlander Outdoor: Keep The Wildlife Wild

I can’t thank enough for our team leader and my companions for our wonderful journey to Mt. Pangasugan. The team’s great humor and support is superb!

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