Jomax Peak “Tell It On The Mountains “

I wish. . .

On that very first day I’ve met you I wish to turn back on my 20’s.

Your mystery was always in my thoughts that make me want to explore every inch of you.

Your scent lingers all over me.

You became one of my addiction now.

How did you do this to me?

I underestimated your beauty just by looking up at you before.

Now I became your slave and crave for more exploration.

I wish I have all the time I want to discover your everything.

But it’s never too late right?

Your everywhere to be found.

I’ll reach more of you and wait for me on top.

Loving longing. . . my twenty sixth of existence.


Happy 26th birthday to me.  

Wishing you a fruitful year and career development as you reach this age. Never hesitate to explore and learn from all the mistakes you’ve done in the past. Someone’s been very supportive of you all through these years. Embrace the changes and commitment you swear as it will lead for the success of your goals.

Never stop learning and dreaming. Be proud of what you’ve become now and leave the rest to him. Always remember that your family and close friends love you from the bottom of their hearts.

As you take this baby steps of your goals be consistent and learn from the tenures. You’ve already learned lot’s of things from them so continue challenging yourself.

Special credits to my colleagues:

  • Mariya
  • Janrose
  • Myla
  • Jhoannah

Who were my great companions during our Negros Island trip. Its overwhelming that I had my great birthday hike and adventure this year. Thanks Goodness. 🙂

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