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Osmeña Peak is located in the Municipality of Dalaguete in the province of Cebu. The peak is approximately 1,000 meters above sea level making it one of the highest peak in the island of Cebu. More info about Dalaguete.

Writing about my Osmeña Peak means a lot to me since I’ve been in this mountain a couple of times already. I will share my experience base with the different months I visited the place.

My latest visit was last week of April 2018 the weather was great. I visited the peak 2x by the month of April this year due to my colleagues and students. And I can personally encourage everyone to visit the peak by this month because you will be able to capture the picturesque view of the whole place.

Because Cebu has a lot of places that worth to visit for. One of my colleagues student wanted to visit Osmeña Peak for two reasons. They wanted to experience camping and stargazing. Most of my friends at work ask my recommendations every time the weekend is approaching. Coz that’s the time our students wanted to have a great weekend aside from studying English in the country.


With these lovely students. Three Japanese and a Korean.

Who would have thought I’ll have my first camp with students at Osmeña Peak. Because none of us are prepared we decided not to bring any tents instead we will rent.

  • Tent fee is P400 including the P50 rent space on top. They will be the one who will prepare the tents.
  • They also have sticks you can rent for visitors who are not used to climbing mountains. Especially they were times that the weather in the place is unpredictable.
  • You can also rent boots if happen you arrive the place slippery because of the morning rain.
This is how they set up the tent which cost P400 each.

Foggy morning embrace us when we woke up. We decided to the toilet to freshen up and buy coffee because there is a small store near the place.

  • If you would love to use a toilet you need to pay P20 each.
  • Coffee cost P25 each per cup.
  • There is a small place you can rent overnight that cost P500 good for two and you can freely use the toilet.
Look at those small houses that’s where you can stay if you don’t rent a tent. 2-3 minutes walk from the small store you’ll reach this place. 
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