G.R.I.T CEBU (Girls. Running. In. Trails)

Spartan Trail (Good Shepard)=>> Pamutan==>> Bocaue==>> Babag==> (RCPI)==>Rosevelt ( Temple of Leah )

1st Cebu G.R.I.T (Girls.Running.In.Trail) activity. Powered by Raceyaya.

GRiT brought to you by RaceYaya, an event which aims to promote our advocacy, “Women empowering others: together we run, together we conquer!” Source @ Raceyaya, please click me for more information. 

“If It doesn’t challenge you, It won’t change you”. -Fred Devito-

The first GRit of Cebu was personally organized by Kai or aka (Kai Savvy TrailJunkie in her Fb-account). My supposed day hike with my new mountaineer friends turn out to be with a group of wonderful ladies. I’m personally blessed to met these awesome ladies because they motivate me to push more on my limits when I discovered their passions in life.

Thanks to my dear cousin Dave who encourage and put me in the list to join this event. My cousin used to do trail run however there’s a sudden change of passion. She’s now one of the youngest triathletes and was able to achieve the first placer in her age group last July 7 for the 8080 Sogod Triathlon in Sogod town, northern Cebu. She’s personally a good friend of Kai and introduces me to pursue this activity so I willingly give it a try.

A quarter’s on the list were not able to show up. We had our final counting during our assembly time. Also to discuss the important things to remember while we’re on the trail. 
  • Even though you no longer a beginner in hiking do not walk alone. Be in a group or with someone.
  • Always make sure to take a shortstop or rest if you feel tired. This is for you to cope up with your trail mates.
  • Trail food and enough water supply are very important.
  • Breath in, breath out! Shout if you can!
  •  Proper attire is must also. It depends on your comfort if you’d like to wear shorts or leggings intended for hiking. But I personally like to wear leggings because I sometimes got annoyed with some grass on the trail.
  • Heads up so won’t get dizzy, don’t push yourself too much always remember that it’s not a contest. Enjoy the scenery, the fresh air that nature offers. And have fun with your companions.
  • An item of extra clothing is needed as well in case you’ll be tempted to soak in the water of a stream.
  • Lunch? Either you bring a dry food for lunch or eat @barangay pamutan since it’s commonly a stopover for hikers to have their lunch.
  • I can’t think of anything anymore maybe you add your suggestions in the comment box. See you 🙂
Starting of our trail was around 7 am, it was a nice sunny morning to start our day. Next part will be a bit challenging because of the assault open area. Good thing it’s still early morning because around 9 am would be hotter and will really exhaust you easily. 

We had our first stop viewing the city even the small islands near Lapu-Lapu city are visible on top. It was indeed a wonderful morning shared with these awesome people.

Newfound friends, with Drip (standing on top), on my left is @jamietarongoy (this was our 2nd trail as our first was a major trek @Mt.Talinis. Please refer to my 1st major climb. On my right side was () one of our companions for this event.    

In the middle of our trail, we found a water source and we had our 3rd stop. Out 2nd stop was actually @mangahan or @The mango tree but I was not able to have a copy of the picture with them. Instead, I had another group picture on our 3rd stop.

#credits to the owner, our mandatory group photo.

Continuing steep part was on our way as we head out through the riverside going to the stream to our next stop. But the group was suddenly divided into two as our admin “Kai” had their turn to the other side. Our guide took us to somewhere that interest everyone especially it looks like a jungle in the middle of the wilderness.

Good friends are hard to find, harder to leave, and impossible to forget. “anonymous” With @jamietarongoy, credits to Juanderer for this candid photo? Lol!  

While the others were busy taking photos we told the other guide that we will walk first heading the falls also to find the other group who were separated from us. It took us less than 30 minutes to find them and they’re waiting from us at the stream where you’ll found a mini waterfall. Of course, I really love water I didn’t hesitate to swim and relax my body to the freshness of the water. It feels great and refreshing, clean cool water and the smell of trees surrounding us. Felt like I was in awe and I don’t want to end that feeling.

Tres Marias? #creditsToJuanforthisphoto

My apologies for the quality of our photos. Maybe next time we’ll have a great photographer with a great camera. Most of the photos here we’re already edited through #Lightroom. I was suddenly addicted to Lightroom presets, soon I’ll get over this editor I guess.

Finally had our lunch stopover at barangay pamutan. We took another group photo before half of this group will go home. Other’s don’t like to push through “Temple of Leah” our jump off because they have other responsibilities to do. They were lucky that they’re able to hitchhike to the mini multi-cab going to tisa.

The survivors. . 🙂 

Don’t you worry about a thing because we’re halfway there? Funny that the first half of the group on the trail had taken their wrong way. Which was a bit tough because it was too slippery at that time and there were thorn grasses on their way.

Where like less than 20 minutes ahead of the others and we had our final stop at Bocaue peak or commonly known for bloggers as the muffin hill. We encountered some of the mountaineers who helped us to find our companions who took the other way to make sure that they’re okay.

Had an encounter with a group of motocross riders on top bocaue peak. Personally, if you’re a hiker or a mountaineer or a trail runner you’ll be pissed off maybe sometimes or most of the time for this kind of group.

  • Motocross riders mostly destroy the trails especially if the weather is bad.
  • Some of them are undisciplined and they care less of nature and its surrounding.
  • Noisy and might destroy the peaceful environment of the other creatures peacefully living in the forest.
  • Hopefully, the officials will create a law that will restrict their access in some mountains. This is to protect the environment of nature and preserve peace for the living creatures who used to peaceful surroundings.

Note: I don’t personally attack these people. But as an individual who’s been hiking a lot. Some areas in the mountains supposedly have its restrictions to protect some animals peaceful environment. Lot’s of trail runners, hikers I’ve crossed path had their complaints. As it will lead to mishaps when the trails are slippery. Not unless if the trail they’ve taken is only intended for them. 

Finally, and we headed first because we’re so freakin exhausted. We’ve reached the temple of Leah around 4pm. Together with me was again @jamietarongoy another city view.

While waiting for the others we had our rest near the road. We even lay down because we’re a bit exhausted. 

Special thanks to my lovely cousin Kristine Dave Orbiso 😀 Good luck on your triathlete journey. Thank you for encouraging me to go back on track.



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