Danao adventure park in Bohol island, the 10th largest island in the country has a lot of adventures to offer. And one of them is no other than “THE PLUNGE”. Want to take a risk? Are you afraid of heights like me? Come and explore the island’s most exciting adventures. I’m not supposed to experience this extreme thingy, however; because I had a similar activity like the plunge in my bucket list. So, why not pursue one of my lists before I commit to something in the future.


We actually have our Team building in Bohol and we choose to experience one extreme activity and I choose the most dangerous one as they said. 😀

My team leader’s reaction was out of nowhere. She felt nervous for me at the same time try to ask me a lot of time if I really like to do this. Suddenly, one of my colleagues decided to try the plunge because we have this saying “Mangamatay ra tang tanan”. Which means “We all die anyway” and she had some condition for some reasons that made her wanted to try a lot of things in life.

Now, try to imagine how it feels like to drop and swing onto the fathomless of cliffs and you’re in the middle.

Once it’s your turn to be drop down there, your emotions are nowhere to found. I felt excited like any moment from that time I’m gonna pee in my pants. And nervous for the success of my plunge. Of course; before I took an act of courage to fulfill my plunge experience I prayed for the success and as well as for the person in charge not to make any mistakes before he will drop me.


Now looking at myself through this picture made me laugh. During at that time, I felt like as if half of my body burst out of nowhere. I’m feeling delighted for their official photographer who took this picture it means a lot to me.

Once your down there, you’re like floating in the sky as if you’re flying like a dove.


“Anything that gets your blood racing is probably worth doing.” ~ Hunter S. Thompson” 
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