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Credits to my buddy: Silvermist (

To Sottelo family for accommodation and habal2 trip. Without you guys, everything will be just like a sketch pop up in my head.

Know Negros oriental through this link NEGROS ORIENTAL.

It has always been my goal to get to know more Negros Oriental. My mother’s beloved hometown. Way back in my elementary days we always went home in my mom’s hometown now a city, Bais City. As a kid, I had a glance of Dumaguete City and eventually forgot my memories how it looked like before. We sometimes spent a couple of days at my aunt’s place in crossing silab at the municipality of Amlan. Growing up, I kept in my mind that one day I’ll get to know more of this quiet place. Compare on the other big islands in the Visayas, Negros Oriental didn’t rose its popularity yet though many travellers share and wrote their experience when they visited the place.

This what makes Negros Oriental unique among other islands. You’ll get the peace you’re looking for on your vacation and wanders. That’s why I decided to process my passport in Dumaguete City so that I can have my side trip after my appointment. Waited for one and a half month we head to Dumaguete City with my colleague Marianne, aka Silvermist. Happened also that her mother was originally from Sibulan. Another municipality, where you will land if you take a fast craft from Santander going to Sibulan. And take a jeepney or tricycle to Dumaguete.

  • From SIBULAN to DUMAGUETE by jeepney, it will cost 20 php each.
  • Same with tricycle but sometimes most traveler they will take one trip by tricycle and the driver will give you a fixed price.
  • Ther are motorcycle also commonly known as (Habal-habal) price range 100-120 php if you’re in a hurry for your passport appointment going to Robinsons Mall.


Unfortunately, I was not able to process my passport since I was lacking one requirement.

Now let’s start how I end up with three destinations in a day. My companion Marianne successfully processed her passport and we planned to stay for a night at her grandmother’s place since they were already expecting us. To my surprise, her grandmother and relatives were pretty awesome. We had a great night though we travel (habal-habal) going up on the mountain barangay hometown of Marianne’s mother. Everyone welcome us as if we are part of the family. Marianne had an encounter with her ex-boyfriend’s sister processing also her passport and together we stayed at her aunt’s house.

Indeed this will be a great adventure together since Marianne’s ex-boyfriend’s sister joined. And they were good friends, also accompanied by her friend. The breeze was refreshing spending our night at Barangay Tubigon in Sibulan. In the morning everyone woke up early and of course, you’ll get injected to wake up in bed because Marianne’s aunt insisted we should eat our breakfast and then go to bed after if we still want to. During our breakfast, we planned our trip and Marianne’s cousins were enthusiastic about our plans.


We took the long winding road though in the middle of the trip the rain starts pouring. Our first stop was Balinsasayaw Twin Lake. It took us an hour by motorcycle because of the rain. Thanks, goodness that we had a safe trip because Marianne’s cousins are still minors and we are also looking for everyone’s safety during the trip. 

When we arrived fog meddled the long road and it was too freakin cold because I’m wearing a sleeveless. I’m too damn to forget my jacket for this trip. If you’ll notice on my first picture that’s the first scenery you’ll encounter and you need to register first. We pay 40 php serves as entrance fee. Take note to preserve the place, a noisy motorcycle is not allowed until you reached the final destination. Because it will disturb the bird’s peaceful environment. 


Everything was covered with fog but you can still hold your breath with the scenic view it offers. Everyone scattered and took pictures when we reached the lake going down the stairs. It was slippery of course but your can caught your guards because it was a proper stair going down the lake. If you’re seeking for an adventure take a look at these pictures as well as its “Do’s and Dont’s”. 

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We stayed about 20-30 minutes down the lake. Going back there were two stairs that you can take either you go left or right. We turn right where you can see a big stone like a toilet and everyone was awestruck by the cascading water from the trees down the lake.

Before we head back to our next stop. We need to chill out and relax for a while. Checking on their menu’s I found a reasonable price that we can have to fill in our hungry stomach. I had 2 cups of coffee and we chose the combo meal which cost P50 each. 

Feels like we have our breakfast at this moment. Filling up myself with two cups of coffee because of the temperature of the place. 

Next stop, we travel via motorcycle for 20-30 minutes heading to PULANG BATO Falls. Moreover, check the link for further information on how to reach this unique waterfalls and some of the attractions nearby Dumaguete City.  Dumagueteinfo

Before reaching our next destination, breathtaking awaits as we passed by the Sulfur rock. Cascading waters on the mountains, then you’ll hold your breath by the smoke ashes on the road. We took a bit of photo though everyone was tired after the long trip we had. My companion Marianne found Sulfur rock wonderful but at the same the smell was awful.

Finally, we reached our last destination, RED ROCK (PULANG BATO Waterfalls).


Setting foot in Pulang Bato Waterfalls made me shiver and feel calm. Though we arrived late ETA 5pm. We tried our best to fulfill our soul with the refreshing breathtaking cascading stream from the falls. We were able to take a lot of photos since there were few people when we arrived. 

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